Together, we can build more literary giants!

Together, we can build more literary giants!

Together, we can build more literary giants!


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The relevance of youths in a society cannot be overemphasized especially in a developing country like Nigeria. The youths are responsible for the advent of innovations, creation of initiatives and platforms to make the economy grow and flourish, but it is very bad to see that more than 50% of the youths in Nigeria have lost their thinking ability and in most cases no longer even see the need to study hard.

  • It is under these tenets that GEGAS was started in Nigeria on 18th March 2019, but now registered as a social enterprise (GEGAS Africa RC 3223646) in Nigeria on 2nd October, 2020. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
  • Education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they do not know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it.
  • The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
  • They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in the home, school, or any place.

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Our Recent Projects

Everyone gets beaten up by life, we only manage it differently
Say no to suicide!
Tough times don't last, only tough people do. You can't afford to give up now!.
Educate your mind and acquire relevant skills.....

IGCD '20 (International Girls Child Day '20)
With just #500 you can put a smile on a girls face for a months....
That's is less than you spend in a day!
There's still a lot of good to be done, be part of the wave
Donate here: GIRLCHILD

She is a child & Not a bride
Say no to early marriage & keep our girls in school
Give her your pen and not your penis
Ask for her books not her boobs
Pay her school fees and not her bride price
Giver education not your ejaculation

At GEGAS, we believe in the 4Es of Education, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Employment. This has seen us constantly invest the best of our energies into driving change in these crucial areas. Objectives of the project VISION 2030 The United Nations aims to achieve the Sustainable Development goals by year 2030 and as such, we have also come up with objectives which would keep us in alignment with this which are:
1. To inculcate a culture of duty, consciousness, and responsiveness in all citizens towards ensuring and supporting education for all.
2. To curtail the rate at which Nigerian youths are been destructively engaged by bad influences, and drug addicts.
3. To discourage and reduce the rate of proliferation of bad orientation and discouraging mind-sets amidst Nigerian youths.
4. To encourage the personal development of Nigerian youths via skills acquisition.
5. To inculcate in the African youth a strong sense of volunteerism, nationalism, and patriotism.
6. To encourage and expand the education on skills acquisition.
7. To encourage a better citizens’ partnership in facilitating the aims and objectives of the United Nations (UN) in Nigeria.
8. To inspire a sense of entrepreneurship among the Nigerian youths.


Project Missions and Visions Vision: Using education and skill acquisition (entrepreneurship) as a powerful tool to ensuring Sustainable Development of the Nigerian economy. Slogan: Building Literary Giants… Mission statement:GEGAS seeks to build a sustainable network of young entrepreneurs and efficient graduates thereby bridging the gap between education and skill acquisition by:
- revitalizing education in Nigeria
- equipping young people especially students in tertiary institutions as well as promising Secondary School Students with the digital skills they need to succeed academically
- helping to create job opportunities for young software developers, web designers and developers, graphic designers and programmers
- helping sophomores develop skills that will aid self-employment
- setting up debate and spelling bee competitions to encourage young minds develop the ability to face a large crowd
- fighting against the problems of Child abuse, Pedophilia, Drug abuse, Destitution etc.


Our approach to revitalizing education and supporting skills acquisition in Nigeria
• Webinars and Tweetchats:
We have been organizing webinars and tweetchats that majorly focus onencouraging students and young ones to keep studying hard. We invitescholars andacademicians to address them by sharing their experiences with them. • Movement on “Education for Every Child”
We are currently running a social media awareness campaign and movement to support education for every child. We intend to go about schools and donate free textbooks to the less privileged, and train children on the digital skills they need to succeed academically. This will take place in Public schools and uncivilized areas in the following regions (Osun, Ogun, Lagos, Ibadan (Ogbomoso), Kogi and Anambra. • Debates and Spelling Bees Competitions:
A lot of graduates can’t face the crowd and address the general public. We will organize debates and programmes that will aid Primary school pupils and Secondary School Students to develop Public speaking capabilities. Prizes will be awarded to the best and brightest students.
• Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programmes:
At GEGAS Africa, we believe in education as well as skill acquisition. We intend to train secondary school students on how to code and use a number of software such as Python, JAVA, HTML, MATLab, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor etc. We will also train interested students on some basic entrepreneurship skilss such as bead making, baking and confectioneries, bag and shoe making, make-up and make-overs, ties and accessories making, event decoration, calligraphy, fashion designing, etc. Encouragement and Facilitation of Rural/Graduate youth entrepreneurship: the organisation intends to provide the space for coaching young minds on entrepreneurship and facilitating easy access to funding for their talents, skills, dreams, and ventures.
• Tech-Entrepreneurship Summit:
This is the biggest part of our projects. We intend to go about higher institutions and prepare them for life after school. A lot of speakers would be invited from across the country to address final year students, and also, award grants to students with the most promising Tech-Entrepreneurship plans and visions.


The success of our most recent programmes, online campaigns, webinars and offline trainings have seen us received invitations for partnership, sponsorship opportunities from other reputable organizations.

Initially, the SACT 1.0 programme model canvas was built to focus on just 6 schools across the federation but we were eventually able to visit a total of 14 schools. The “Skills Acquisition and Career Talk” programme tagged SACT 1.0 which impacted up to 14 schools across 12 states (a total of 8,314 students) in Nigeria had us visit some schools some of which included but are not limited to:

1. Impact International Academy, Benue state
2. Community Secondary School Igbariam, Anambra state
3. Landmark Secondary School, Benue state
4. Imaguero College, Edo state
5. Moret Comprehensive College, Oyo state.
6. Badore Model Secondary School, Lagos state
7. St. Louis Secondary school, Ondo state, to mention but a few. Click here to see a mini-report.

We also recently held a focus group session with supports from The Mindset Africa and AREAi where participants sat in a circle and were availed the opportunity of talking and sharing thoughts with one another. Attendees of this focus group consultation session are clearly defined set of stakeholders some of which were: Rose, Nene, Wale, Kelechi, Oluchi, Yomi, Abiola to mention but a few. The consultation session was launched by giving a 5min presentation on the Futures of Education Initiative. The presentation provided participants with immense understanding of how their ideas would be used and may contribute to the initiative (focused on Quality Education).

Our Board Members

Oluwaseun A. Adekoya


Adekoya Mayowa T.


Afolabi Nasifudeen O.


Oduntan Abiola


Samuel Olanrewaju .O


Aremu Victoria .O


Bello Qudus O.


Olanrewaju Ayobami E.



Latest News


This is a project we would be embarking on to empower the boy child in Boys only schools. Drug abuse and suicide are serious issues bedeviling the Nigerian community. Drug abuse involves the use of drugs or substances for other purposes apart from medication. Presently, it was suggested by National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency that more than 40% of Nigerian youths (Ajegunle and Makoko, Nigeria) are addicted to one drug or the other (Tramadol, Codeine etc.). This has led to serious consequences such as increased mental disorders amidst youths, increased road accidents, increased rate of unemployment, property destruction, high crime rates, decline in economic growth, and overall, terrorism. In the same veins, it has been observed that an average Nigerian student resorts to suicide following poor academic results.

SACT 1.0

The SACT 1.0 (meaning Skills Acquisition and Career Talk) event was one in which volunteers visited selected schools in Nigeria majorly with the aim of impacting them with the digital skills they need to succeed academically while mentoring them on how to successfully choose a career path. We hope to have a second edition of this very soon.

24hrs-24Days Campaign against Child Abuse

24hrs-24Days Campaign against Child Abuse Click here ( to see the published poems and contents

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